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You can find out more about the book over on Facebook under Arcana Imperii: Origins or at http://www.thearcana.net but the blurb is below the link.

Number of Books
Dedication - Optional

This novella was created to introduce the main characters in my upcoming (and already completed) novel. Just a taste of my writing style and my world.

In a Victorian world of steam power and airships, monsters are real. Not just the deadly creature who so famously stalked women in Whitechapel, but the genuine article. Vampires roam the sooty streets of London. Werewolves wander the countryside. Beautiful maidens lure the lonely to watery graves while medical miracles like reanimation and the division of good from evil are within mankind's grasp.

But this age of dark enlightenment has its protectors. Vampire, werewolf, killer, re-animator, innocence and evil, demon. The Arcana Imperii - the Secret of the Empire.

Because sometimes it takes a monster to kill one.

The novella (and following novels) are a Steampunk re-imagining of the iconic horror creatures of the Victorian age and the classic Universal Studios movie monsters, joined together by a mysterious Cardinal to destroy the most horrible threats to mankind.

The prices on the link reflect the cost of the book and the shipping.

These books are not meant to be high literature, they're pulp fiction (obviously). I DO hope that if you decide to give it a try, that you will find the books fun, entertaining and perhaps find a surprise or two along the way.


Every once in a while, usually triggered by a scene in a show or a song, I will spin back to Halloween night and open that storage unit door again. I stayed calm then because I had to. Not so much right now.

It's been a long long time

So, this will be a summary rather than a real, full on update. Austin is still awesome, and I still love it here. Had a wristband for SXSW (too expensive, but there were a few moments of awesome where we walked right past super-long lines and strolled into clubs, which made them a little more worth it). Got to see a bunch of nerdcore rappers (including MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, etc) Awesome for me, not so much for Noel. Then we went to Japan night geared up in our steamy goodness and enjoyed 'one more picture please?' all night... from the bands! We got to meet Red Bacteria Vacuum, JinnyOOPS, and Dolly (who are outrageously gorgeous and are your typical, sculpted and created androgynous band, but had some good music). Go look them up. I'll wait.

See? It's good to finally meet some people prettier than Danny. ;)

Anyway, that was great and we had a good time there, we also saw Margaret Cho doing a musical comedy set (go fig!) as well as catching a bunch of swingy bands. The best by far was Fishtank Ensemble, who asked me to describe their music to them (heh, no pressure). I said 1930's gypsy funk. They loved it and said it was surprisingly accurate. Check them out.

We hosted the Steampunk panel at All-Con which went well enough that we were asked to do the panels at A-kon this year. Sold a bunch of monoggles, goggles and some tricked out guns, and hope to do the same at A-kon. I may have the novella self-published and printed by then, which is the goal, so I can shill it to everyone. I created a web page based on the characters and would love feedback or (EVEN BETTER) pre-orders for the novella. www.thearcana.net Check it out and let me know.

Other than that, still working at Tangoe, still working on the books (gonna self publish the novella then seek professional distribution of the novels), still battling shingles flare ups (BOO!), and planning on selling my motorcycle. Happy, trying for healthy, and bouncing a bunch of opportunities around. The Mad-eye thing may not have worked out, but who knows... maybe we'll go on the con circuit after we attend Comic-con and Dragon-Con this year. Stranger things have happened.
Alright people, I need a headcount. Thursday night is the Steampunk Optional Crazy Costumes Encouraged Romp (or S.O.C.C.E.R. for short) Night. If you're planning to join us at the Melting Pot, I need a response here or a call. I currently have four, count 'em, FOUR people who have said they'd be there (that's including me and Noel). Not feeling the love for my 40th birthday party, people. If you're just going to meet us on the street after for S.O.C.C.E.R Night, I need to know that too. I'll be in full steam regalia and will be wearing gloves so I don't give anybody any chance of getting the plague from me.
So, I am turning 40. And that only happens once. To celebrate, we're having a pub crawl on Thursday, the 19th. The party will be suiting up in steamy gear, and the festivities will be led by the nationally known Marquiche, King of Jesters and Jester of Kings. We will be starting at The Melting Pot for gooey cheese and desserty noms at around 7:30 on 6th St in Austin (I'd like a headcount for that, natch). But that means that around 9, we'll start at one end of 6th St and try and drink and party our way down it. If you're interested and can make it, drop a comment here and I'll tally everyone. I know that other people should be trying to arrange this, but you know what? I DON'T CARE! Let's do this thing.

So... birthday's coming up...

For my friends at faire and all of that, we'll do something interesting Friday and/or Saturday night out at site... I hope. Wed, the 18th is my birthday and I'll be spending that getting totally meat-high at Fogo. But Thursday night, I would really enjoy a big 'steamy-punky-optional' (I mean, I'll be dressed up, but you don't have to) pub crawl that starts with sinful tasties at the Melting Pot downtown (just the appetizer and dessert courses) and then moves on to sinful tasties at the pubs we crawl to down 6th St... yeah, it's a Thursday night but we can all be nice and tender at work on Friday... my 40th birthday only happens once, people!!!

If you'd like to join in the Thursday night festivities, let me know here or call or whatever. Sound like a plan?

You know that time when you know you should get out of bed, but you just want that few more minutes of sleep? Of course you do. I would like you to put yourself there right now... I'll wait.

Ok. Snug in bed? Sorta covering yourself back up because the cruel cruel world is outside the blankets and seriously, all you want is a few more minutes before having to put on the big boy pants and go to work? Perfect.


You have just experienced my morning. This morning, around 6 something o'clock, a tree fell on the house. A big tree. A big fucking tree. A big scary fucking tree.

No reason. No high winds, no torrential rain, no little girl and her little dog Toto coming for a certain high end pair of footwear. The best I can figure, the tree decided to finally let the house know how it felt about it, got itself all drunk and then got a little handsy before passing out in a sprawling heap over our bedroom.

Oh yeah, did I fail to mention that? Not just the house. The tree fell directly crossways across where Noel and I sleep. If it had made it through the crossbeams in the attic, it would have crushed us both.

Whoever laid down the juju evil bad bad curse on me? (I site both my knee and the tree that the target is me... crap, it's a rhyming curse...  A Seussian death curse? NGAH!) Please knock it off. I really don't think I deserve the whole crushed to death thing.

An accurate icon!

So. Life has been interesting. I have been really behind in posting, as well as my payments to oh, everyone. But this is about the squee kinda posting, so I'll talk about that.


My King of France costume for faire is fantastic! My codpiece shoots fireworks!!! (and I  will pay the costume off eventually... heh)
The Mini-Me costume looks great on my Dauphin (and he seems to LOVE it, which is wonderful...)
All of my Steamgear for DragonCon is still in full working order, and I'll be able to run around comfortably in it
I have the beginnings of a post-Apocalypse costume that will just have to do, but I LOVE my gun
Noel's stuff all looks AMAZING, and she has a new green dress that's just gorgeous, as well as her truly amazing Peacock coat


My beta readers haven't gotten back to me yet, which is starting to make me twitch, but I've figured out a few things I know need to be done (namely, chapter breaks and a few scenes need fleshing out). And it's not like I've had any time at all to work on it. I did get the next two books outlined, which doesn't suck. SO I really just need to write my book synopsis as required by all the different publishers, and we'll see.


It's work, I've still got it. I get paid.


I have been blessed with a brilliant group with fantastic instincts and a lot of talent. My only regret is that my job at faire is split between them and teaching dialect to the food boothies, which is very very important and I'm taking it seriously.


OH HOLY JEEBUS!!! Noel and I fly out on Thursday evening and I can not WAIT! I get to see friends we really only get to see once a year, our dear Sasha (hopefully she'll come for Texgiving again though) and our Lord Emperor (who we shall support by wearing our armbands he so graciously sent us) just to name a couple. Patrick FRIGGING Stewart and William Muthafuggin Shatner and an absolute host of others are guests this year. I have a great vintage poster for Terry Gilliam to sign, and I'm really just wriggling with excitement pretty much constantly. I wish there was a way to call into work dorky for a week...


I live in a beautiful house with a beautiful girl, what's not to love about that? She's freaking the Hell out about school (having JUST STARTED Grad school... terrifying!) and it's making her day to day life twitchy, but I can understand that completely and am just floating along while letting her know that I am here in whatever way she needs me, whether it's to look over papers, help her write them or just shut up and make sure dinner is ready and keep the house tidy.

So life is life, and the good bits outweigh the bad.

Quick Update

Book: 90k words and climbing, close enough to the end to taste it. I should have my first draft done by the weekend, do my reread and edit next week and have it out to my beta readers by the next weekend. While it's out, I'll write up my basic outlines for the next four (yep, 4) books in the series and their synopsis. I'll also write up the book jacket blurb and the best fun ever - the About the Author. HEH. I will also put the base outlines together for the children's book series I would like to write - ALL of this so I can go to a publisher and go "LOOK AT ME! I'M NOT A ONE SHOT WRITER! YOU CAN MAKE MONEY OFF ME!"

Costuming: I'll finish up my codpiece this week, which finishes my TRF costume except for the white tights I've got to pick up somewhere. DragonCon costumes are all in place except for the Post Apocalypse Punk stuff, but that shouldn't be too rough to piece together. I lalalalove my new Cthulian hand, it's so creepy. Loves it.

Weight Loss: Coming right along, but not nearly as fast as I want. But that's the way of the thing, I spent a good 35 years packing on the pounds and can't expect them to just go away in a few months.

Life in General: Good, loved the long weekend in Cozumel. Scuba is absolutely amazing and I'm truly addicted. But other than that, life has been busy and is about to get even moreso with TRF quickly approaching to consume my weekends.

Money: Never enough.

Travel: See Money.